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Getting My Print on! QUICK PROMO PLUG!!!

As many of you know, on August 31, 2017, I released my latest novel, Grift and Shadow, available at Amazon and at Smashwords. This was also the first book I’ve ever released in print.

In the spirit of moving forward as an author, and thanks to the wonders of print on-demand, I have just made one of my other novels, Words on a Feather, available in print through Amazon. Click on the pic below to purchase your copy today!




My NEW Book Is Officially OUT

Grift and Shadow is available for purchase NOW!!!!


The pre-order push has been amazing! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book=0)

Now you can officially buy your copy of Grift and Shadow! Plus, and this is new and exciting for me, Grift and Shadow will be my first book available IN PRINT through Amazon.

So whether you like electronic copies or the tactile touch of books, I’ve got you covered!!!

If you want to buy the e-book version, but you need something besides the Kindle format, I HIGHLY recommend buying my book at Smashwords. They have lots of formats available, so whatever you need, they probably have it. Just go to the link below:


If you want to order the book in print, or if you prefer the Kindle format, click on the Amazon link below:



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I tell my newsletter peeps BEFORE I even post stuff to social media, because you all are my true fans, and you deserve it!!! In fact, there are some secrets that I ONLY tell to my fans through my newsletter, so if you want to know everything, subscribe today by clicking the link below:



OMG! Only 1 Week Left to Pre-order and Save on Grift and Shadow


Hello again my wonderful fans!

This is your FINAL REMINDER that Grift and Shadow is available now for pre-order.

The official release date is August 31, 2017.

That is ONLY 7 DAYS AWAY!!!

REMEMBER, if you pre-order now, you will save 25% off of the list price.

You wonderful people who pre-order the book before August 31 will only pay $2.99.

On August 31, it goes up to full price.

I have also made sure that my book can be pre-ordered in multiple formats.

Click the pic below to pre-order my book through Smashwordssmashwords-logo

Remember that Smashwords allows you to choose the type of e-book format that best fits your e-reader devices. Available formats for my book should include epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, and html.

For all of you Amazon Kindle shoppers, click the pic below to go directly to Amazon and pre-order Grift and Shadow


As always – thank you everyone for your support, your kind words, and your all-around awesomeness =)

-L. Rigdon

ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT to Pre-order and Save on Grift and Shadow


Hello again my wonderful fans!

Just another reminder that Grift and Shadow is available now for pre-order.

The official release date is August 31, 2017.

REMEMBER, if you pre-order now, you will save 25% off of the list price.

You wonderful people who pre-order the book before August 31 will only pay $2.99.

On August 31, it goes up to full price.

I have also made sure that my book can be pre-ordered in multiple formats.

Click the pic below to pre-order my book through Smashwordssmashwords-logo

Remember that Smashwords allows you to choose the type of e-book format that best fits your e-reader devices. Available formats for my book should include epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, and html.

For all of you Amazon Kindle shoppers, click the pic below to go directly to Amazon and pre-order Grift and Shadow


As always – thank you everyone for your support, your kind words, and your all-around awesomeness =)

-L. Rigdon

Grift and Shadow Available for Pre-order NOW!!!!


After several delays, Grift and Shadow is weeks from being published!!!

The official release date is August 31, 2017.

But, if you pre-order now, you will save 25% off of the list price.

You wonderful people who pre-order the book before August 31 will only pay $2.99.

On August 31, it goes up to full price.

I have also made sure that my book can be pre-ordered in multiple formats.

Click the pic below to pre-order my book through Smashwordssmashwords-logo

Remember that Smashwords allows you to choose the type of e-book format that best fits your e-reader devices. Available formats for my book should include epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, and html.

For all of you Amazon Kindle shoppers, click the pic below to go directly to Amazon and pre-order Grift and Shadow


As always – thank you everyone for your support, your kind words, and your all-around awesomeness =)

-L. Rigdon

Coming Down from 100% Art Focus

I just finished writing my novel, Grift and Shadow, which is currently being line edited and will hopefully be published in the beginning of August. Shameless plug of the cover:

Final_Grift-and-Shadow-Cover_LowRez(Art by Travis Bewley)

As some of you may know, I had originally hoped to finish and release this book at the end of last year, but moving to the Pacific Northwest, among other challenges, pushed everything back. Just to get this book done and off of my plate required massively shifting around my schedule this past month.

Totally worth it!

Now that the book is done and out of my hands for a bit, I find myself in a strange mental place. The joy of accomplishment certainly feels amazing. I know I should be moving into super-promotion-mode, including setting up pre-orders and everything else. That said, I also need to get back into my regular schedule.

Despite all of these happy emotions and realizations of what I should be doing, I feel adrift.

REALIZATION: I’m coming down from the high of 100% art focus.

How I Got Time to Hyper Focus

Normally, I split my time between client work and fiction projects. On a normal Monday-Friday week, two days are spent on fiction projects, and three days are spent on client projects and prospecting for new leads.

At least that is the ideal.

In reality, bleed over happens. Late nights happen. Working on the weekends happens. I’m my own boss doing two jobs. I try to keep regular hours, but the definition of “regular” can shift from week to week.

Due to certain events over the last year, I found myself in a financial position where I could take several weeks off from client work to focus on getting the book done. I also had finished all of my client projects and had the time available, if I decided to take.

I took it.

Self-Employment and Author Life (Un)Balance


I spent the last three weeks of June writing like a madwoman just to get the book out; I was almost half-way through writing it when I started three weeks ago. Three weeks was the most amount of time I could afford to lose from contract work. I was still putting in some prospecting time for my contract work, but only the bare minimum.

The whole time I was writing AND sending out follow-up emails with potential clients, I was worried that I would get a huge client project and have to push my book back even further.

You might be wondering why I would even put in the effort to prospect for leads if I really wanted to get the book done. The fact of the matter is I need a paycheck. Not just a paycheck for right now, I need paychecks down the road, too, which means keeping positive relationships with potential clients.

When you don’t have a consistent stream of regular repeat clients, (and sadly that’s the place where I’m at right now), you have to do a lot of cold calling and following up on leads. Potential clients may love your portfolio and really want to work with you, but they don’t always have extra jobs for you. Following up with them is just par for the course to keep your name on their minds.

Since I’ve been doing this cold calling for a while now, I’ve streamlined the process. It still takes time, but I knew going into this how much focus I could afford to put toward my follow-up efforts AND still get the book done. I knew I wouldn’t be drumming up any new business with regular cold calls or emails during this time, but the trade-off was worth it to me.

Writing a Book is More than Writing a Book


As described above, normally I only spend about 2-3 days a week on my fiction projects. That doesn’t mean I spend 2-3 days writing ONLY fiction. There’s a lot of other things professional writers have to do besides just writing books.

In today’s day and age, if you don’t have an agent or the money to invest in various services, you have to do ALL the extra work yourself, including:

  • Marketing each book/project
  • Social networking
  • Going over changes to the book with your editor
  • Writing/formatting/sending out newsletters
  • Formatting books for multiple digital and print platforms
  • Responding to fans
  • Looking into speaking opportunities at conferences and conventions
  • Setting up readings/book signings
  • Networking with other writers
  • Selling books at conventions, in person, and online
  • Negotiating contracts with cover artist, printers, and other vendors
  • Launching your book

To put it bluntly: Expect to spend 55% of your time on writing the book and 45% of your time on everything else.

During the past three weeks, I focused almost completely on just getting the book written. I was still writing promotional newsletters and doing other non-book writing duties, but I was trying to schedule that for my evenings and weekends, so I could spend my whole 8-hour workdays on the book.

Pros and Cons of 100% Focus


One of the pros of writing every day versus only writing a couple days a week is that you develop this almost surreal focus. All of the other distractions of your job and everything else that normally happens during the week have been temporarily pushed aside. With no distractions, you can just write out these fantastic scenes, and keep going.

Another pro for me included feeling like the quality of my writing had improved. Without the extra stress of all of my regular commitments, I didn’t feel like I had to get it done now, because tomorrow I had to switch gears to something else. Instead I felt like I could take a little more time with my scenes AND come back to them the next day.

I knew I didn’t have all the time in the world, because I had to get things done by a certain date. Nevertheless, knowing that at the end of the workday I was going to continue the scene I was writing the next day truly enhanced the experience and kept me pumped during the whole process.


Some of the cons of 100% art focus you don’t realize until problems arise.

Normally, I check-in with my life partners every day. We live together, which makes checking-in easier, but you still have to put effort into relationships to make them work. When I was in 100% art focus land, I was physically there at the house, but I was so focused on getting the book done that I wasn’t talking to them as much or asking them about what was going on in their lives.

A few loud and late night disagreements happened as a result. We were able to talk through everything and fix the problems, but we’re also incredibly blessed and fortunate to be good communicators.

My concern now is that I don’t know if I can prevent this from happening again the next time I’m in major art focus land.

I did tell one of my partners that when I’m this focused I need them to spell things out for me and approach me with issues, because my mind simply isn’t thinking about anything else but my work. It’s not that I don’t want to hear about it, or that I don’t care, I’m just dedicating my focus in one direction. I still want to be there for them, and they need to know that.

Another major con of 100% art focus was the fatigue. I felt positively drained after writing multiple days in a row. My stamina was for two days in a row, and going beyond that exhausted my mental muscles and made my physical body sore as well.

I do have chronic pain, and even though I do take breaks, stress can induce more bouts of pain. While I felt like I had more time to get things done, because I was so focused, the stress of getting it done by a certain date loomed over me, adding to my stress and making me more irritable than usual.

Transitioning Back to My Regular Schedule


This past Wednesday, the day after the holiday, I had scheduled myself to return back to my usual work schedule. That first day, I got through a lot of my normal client work duties without too many problems. I still felt as if I were lagging behind, but I attributed my sense of lag to the holiday and the aftermath of finishing such a big project.

Yesterday I still felt adrift. Today that feeling lingers.

When I was writing for my book, I was constantly working toward a goal and doing something with an end product in mind. With freelancing, I don’t currently have any active client projects, so mostly what I’m doing is prospecting for leads and maintaining business relationships with potential clients. It’s all necessary, but it doesn’t feel like I’m as productive as I was when I was writing the book during these last few weeks.

I am trying to give myself leeway time. Harping on myself is not going to get me in the right headspace. I know that a lot of legwork goes into freelancing, work that I don’t get paid for and that may or may not pay off. It is still being productive, but it’s a different type of productivity.

Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Writer , points out how focusing on the end result is what trips up a lot of freelancers. Freelancers need to focus on what they can control, which is the effort in which they put out to get and maintain clients. Freelancing is journey focused, not results focused.

In complete contrast to that, professional fiction writers, in my opinion, need to be more results focused on finishing their projects. The journey of getting there is important, but the whole point is getting there and finishing the book.

As I come down from this 100% art focus/results focused mentality, it will help me to recognize that I am not JUST switching gears. I’m completely getting into a whole other car!

The Author Car for me is akin to a rally car. It goes super-fast, it keeps going despite adversity, and it gets to the finish line.

The Freelancer Car is designed for comfort, commuting between projects, and long trips. You may have several destinations in mind, but you’re probably going to take the scenic route and make a lot of stops on the way.


3rd Collection of Rupt World Stories is FINALLY Available

Rupt World Stories Volume 3: Real Monsters Hide


cover image

Click –>HERE<– to buy your copy!!!

Uncertain About this New Collection?

If you have read the other two volumes of Rupt World Stories, you know that I include three short-ish themed tales. Each story gives you further details about all the aspects of the Rupt World that you need and want to know.

Here is a quick teaser of what stories you will find in this newest volume:

The Eyes

In three weeks, the Rupt Trade Commission will vote about the use of the most powerful element on earth, Shaylumstyne, but until that happens, everyone worldwide and across the parallel planes are fighting to convince people how to vote. One of the loudest nay-sayers, Rameses El-amin, is reaching out to unusual allies to gather support against the use of the element, but, unbeknownst to him, unseen forces are ready to thwart his efforts.

The Eyes, a clandestine organization run secretly by the political group of the Sanction, is following El-amin’s every move. The team of operatives assigned to El-amin is led by Operative Leader (Grigori) and Monitor (Mun-Hee). If this team of operatives and would-be spies succeed, they’ll find out El-amin’s hidden agenda. Things are not as easy as they seem, though, and while Operative Leader and Monitor are in charge of the op, it looks like someone else may be calling the shots.

A Hero’s Plan

Some people become heroes by chance, but other people deliberately take chance out of the equation. Captain George Bertrand, one of the most decorated and honored firefighters in the Rupt World, has spent the past several years secretly orchestrating the most horrific acts of arson. Why? So he could come in and save the day, of course. Receiving the praise and glory for his heroic efforts have just been the icing on the cake. His real plan involves playing the long-con game to finally get his revenge on his wife.

In this story, Bertrand reveals his plans for revenge to the notorious Lord Edmonson, a Dark Shadow Overlord with immense power and political influence throughout the world. While it may seem strange for a heroic firefighter to be having a private conversation with a known criminal mob boss, like everything else in Bertrand’s world, this unusual alliance has been carefully planned out. To get the revenge that Bertrand wants, he needs the one thing that only Lord Edmonson can provide.

Stealing from Both Sides

Standing back-to-back with your partner as you hold your guns out at rival gangs is one thing, but doing so while knowing that those gang members could transform into powerful wolves at any moment ups the stakes exponentially. In this crime drama, follow along with Detective Bianchi and Detective Alvarez as they fight the clock to keep two gangs of Saccor (shapeshifters) from starting a street war that would easily take out half the city of Chicago.

Although the two rival gangs have had skirmishes before, the recent string of kidnappings of gang members from both sides has heated up the turf war like nothing else. With barely any real leads, Bianchi and Alvarez have just over a week to solve nearly a dozen missing person’s cases.

As if that wasn’t enough, Internal Affairs has sent Agent Foxglove, a specialized Telepath, to help out with the case and keep an eye on the detectives. Adding further obstacles to their path, Detective Kournikova, a hot-headed cop with a vendetta against one of the Saccor gangs, keeps getting in the way for reasons unknown.

Negotiating their way around Foxglove and Kournikova proves a delicate dance, especially when Bianchi and Alvarez figure out that a dirty cop might be involved with all the kidnappings. Uncertain of who to trust, and running out of time, Bianchi and Alvarez follow a bizarre trail of leads to find the missing Saccor and unmask the dirty cop. As the detectives go further down the rabbit hole, unexpected alliances provide unusual answers, and both Bianchi and Alvarez will have to face some grim truths.

L. Rigdon Author Site Launched!

I have owned my domain, www.LRigdon.com, since around 2009, and up until now it has been used predominantly for attracting freelance clients.

Everything changed today

While I still do client work to pay the bills, I decided it was time to dedicate my domain completely to my author platform.

Take a look at the new site and let me know if you like it!

Pay It Forward Indie Book Challenge


Since I just released my third work of fiction, Words on a Feather, and as I start to outline my projects for 2016, I decided that I can no longer do my marketing passively. Of course, being that I’m a person on a super-tight budget, it’s free or low-budget marketing tactics for this girl!

My plan: get people and bloggers to post reviews about my work.

My problem: getting people and bloggers to post reviews about my work.

Do Reviews Really Matter?

Let’s put it this way – if you’re looking for something new to read on whatever site you buy your books from, the top three things that will probably attract you are:

  • Genre
  • Cover art
  • Title

If all three of these things are to your liking, then and only then will you click on the book to see if the description also sounds interesting. This is also the part where people will either consciously or unconsciously look at the star rating. So yes – reviews can influence on-the-fence buyers.

Besides convincing people to make purchases, reviews, especially those by bloggers, are unbiased advertisements.

How far can one blogged review go?

Let’s say a single blogger only has a small repeating readership of 1,000 people. Even still, there would be at least 1,000 new pairs of eyes looking at your title. If any one of those people share the blog on social media, then everyone that person knows may potentially see a blog about your book.

And thus news about your book spreads =0)

In short, whether reviews are formal, brief, or well-written blogs, they definitely create publicity for whatever is being reviewed, and those reviews will factor in to some purchasing decisions.

How Do You Find Reviewers?

Theyre-behind-you-520I myself have been looking into this process, and I know I have touched on it in previous blogs. From what I have researched, there are three basic ways that writers get reviews for their work.

Paying People

When there is a demand for something, instantly it becomes a commodity. There are many people and agencies who provide reviews as a service. Now, as a service, you have to wonder whether these reviews are honest. Several sites specifically state that they will not post any review lower than a specific ranking. In other words, they will only post good reviews.

Of course, if what you want is a bunch of good reviews to help your books sell, I can understand the logic of paying for these reviews. In fact, I’ve seen multiple advertisements asking for writers to create positive reviews for pay. By the way, these gigs just want people to write positive reviews. The reviewers are not required to read the book or use the product.

In the end, this method is pretty much just padding the numbers. Does it lead to the same result of making a product sell? Perhaps, at first, but if something is horrendously bad, it won’t be long before real people start voicing their complaints about being misled to buy a poor product.

Asking People

If you have moral issues with paying for people to give you good reviews, then you have to take the harder road and start asking people for reviews. Your options for people to ask include:

  • Bloggers who specialize in book reviews
  • People who actually read your work
  • Reporters/members of the press
  • Close friends and family

Of these four, the top three are your most professional options. Not that reviews from your family and close friends aren’t helpful, but they may be biased.

Approaching bloggers is still a work in progress for myself. There are some websites that provide a listing of book review bloggers by genre, but not all of these lists are regularly updated.

Whether you use these lists or simply perform a Google search, most book reviewers will request information about your book, including the title, the author’s name, and a brief synopsis. Sending the reviewer a free copy of your book is more or less expected, but definitely wait for them to request the materials.

For approaching reporters or members of the press, it may be more difficult to land these interviews as a newer writer, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If your paper is doing a spread on multiple local writers, you may have a way in, provided that the reporters in question consider you a real writer. If you don’t have a large fan base, they may not see an interview with you as something worth their time.

Nevertheless, when you are just starting out, you can always reach out to different members of the press on your own. The worst they can do is say no, right?

 Just remember, newspapers, your alma mater’s magazine, local small-press papers, etc., all of these people are in the business of content, and they need new content all the time. If you send out enough letters of interest, you might get someone’s attention, and that could result in more publicity and sales down the road.

Being Blessed with Awesome Fans

When you’re a new writer, you don’t exactly have a fan base, which is why you need reviews to get more fans. As you develop fans, sometimes you will be lucky enough to have vocal ones who will sing your praises all over social media. These are the fans I hope to earn some day.

By the way, if you are one of my amazing fans, and you want to review any of my published works, follow these links to the books:

Thank you in advance for the love and the reviews!!!

Challenge to Myself for 2016

All in all, when you are starting out, getting reviews for your books may feel like pulling teeth. As you publish more titles, go to conventions, make appearances, and continue marketing yourself, the reviews will eventually come in. But, to get to that point, you have to work on marketing NOW!

With my need for reviews in mind, I have decided on a pay it forward style challenge for myself:

In 2016, I will endeavor to read works by indie writers, and I will post reviews here on my blog and on related retailer sites.

First off, let me say this: I am not a regular book reviewer!!!

My purpose for this challenge is to help other writers. We’re all in the same indie writing community, after all.

My criteria for my book choices are as follows:

Genre specific – I will read anything that is supernatural, fantasy, science fiction-esque, horror, or adventure.

Current rating – I only want to review works that have very few reviews or no reviews at all.

Number of publications –I’m also trying to limit my reviews to books that are written by starting authors, so preferably people with no more than five titles under their belts.

Cost – I’m cheap/frugal, so it’s got to be less than $10.

Medium – I’m going to stick with e-books, but if I come across a hard copy, I won’t be opposed to reading it.


Although I plan to do my best with this pay it forward challenge, I also know that I am a busy person. Furthermore, I have other blogs to produce, and I’m writing a collection of short stories and a full-length novel this coming year.

To put it bluntly – you WILL NOT see a book review every week.

I’m guessing probably one review every 6-12 weeks, depending on what other titles I have on my reading docket.

All right, 2016, let’s see a productive year with lots of writing and lots of reviewing!!!!!!

Words on a Feather – BOOK RELEASE SALE!!!!!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! It might be a few months later than my intended release date, but Words on a Feather is up for sale just in time for the holidays.

Click on the this link  to purchase your e-book copy of Words on a Feather.


Words on a Feather is FREE until Friday 11/27!!!

By the way, if you love Words on a Feather, you will no doubt love the Rupt World Stories collection. All of these stories as well as the novel fall within the same fantasy universe of the Rupt world. The first two volumes of Rupt World Stories are available for purchase, and you can click on the links below to go straight to Amazon. Remember, Rupt World Stories Volume 3 will be released in 2016!!!

Rupt World Stories Volume 1: Monsters Are Real
Rupt World Stories Volume 2: Monsters Can Help 

BTW, as part of my BOOK RELEASE PROMOTION, you can also snag these two books for FREE until Friday 11/27!!!

Some Special Shout-Outs and Thanks

First of all, I want to thank my partners and my family for all your love and support. The events of this year have been devastating, but thanks to your encouragement, I was able to achieve my goal of two publications. For that I send you my love and eternal thanks!

Next, I want to send my gratitude out to my wonderful cover artist, Patrick Kelley. For this cover, I had a different artistic direction in mind compared to my previous books. Finding a new cover artist who understood my vision and who could work within my budget/timeline proved a little more difficult than I had anticipated. Luckily, I found Patrick. I was highly impressed by his ability to listen to my ideas and translate those ideas into the exquisite artwork on my cover. I would be happy to work with him again. In fact, I recommend him to anyone looking for an artist! Check out his portfolio here.

I’m also indebted to James Courtney for the lettering and formatting on the cover. James did the cover art on my previous two publications, Rupt World Stories Volumes 1 and 2. The work he produced looks fantastic, and, with any luck he’ll be able to do the cover art for the upcoming Rupt World Stories Volumes 3 and 4. When I realized I wanted a different artistic style for Words on a Feather, I was nervous about telling James, but his phenomenal professionalism appeased all my fears. He totally understood my needs, and he gave me solid advice on how to go about procuring another cover artist. He even volunteered to do the lettering to make sure I could maintain my branding. James – you rock! You can check out James’ photography, illustrations, and other artistic endeavors here on his site.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank my editor, Jonathan Glasscock. Not only has he been my editor for the bulk of my projects, but he has been my sounding board, my cheerleader, and my number one fan. On those dark days when I questioned if all of this chaos was worth it, he was there to remind me why I love what I do. Thank you my partner, my friend, my bard.