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Pay a Writer AND Get Money

invest-money-to-start-businessHow can you get more money by paying your money to someone else? Easy – hire a writer with a background in marketing and funding proposals.

The old business adage that you have to spend money to make money couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to finding ways to acquire more money and support for your organization. After all, the one thing all businesses need is capital.

What Exactly Is Capital?

As stated on both Investopedia and BusinessDictionary.com, the term capital has many definitions. The simplest definition usually denotes capital as your assets, including money or the actual value of the organization and equipment. According to most economists, the term capital can also describe the “factors of production,” including everything used by an organization to provide the services and/or goods available, (e.g., personnel, equipment, marketing, distribution).

Before you start a business, or if you want to expand your business, you need a certain amount of capital to get moving. Typical ways for acquiring capital include:

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Investors
  • Mergers

Proceeding with any of these listed methods requires having a written proposal, but the proposal itself tends to be the stumbling block that keeps many entrepreneurs from acquiring the capital they need to be more successful.

Why Do Business Owners Struggle with Proposals?

For starters, the word “proposal” is a fairly ambiguous concept, and proposal requirements vary significantly. As an example, consider bank loans. Many banks often want proposals that are accompanied with a full-length business plan, 5-year business strategy, budget projections, and other financial documents. Grantors, as another example, may only require an application and an essay proposal that explains what the money will be used for and why the applicant deserves the grant.

So why are proposal requirements so different? Well, it’s all about audience.

Slide1That’s right – think back to your writing classes. At some point, your teacher probably told you that you always have to consider your audience. Why is this so essential? Let’s face it – a proposal is a piece of persuasive writing. You’re trying to persuade someone to give you money, and that someone is your audience. If you want to persuade them into giving you the money, then you will have to know everything about your audience first to be successful.

Since you are approaching different audiences with your funding proposals, you have to accept that the rules will change every time, because the needs and goals change from audience to audience. Banks ask for more documentation to accommodate their need to measure risk assessment, since they want to make sure you can pay back any money you borrow. In contrast, grantors never expect to be paid back – that’s the whole point of a grant – so their level of risk is very low, which is why they ask for less paperwork.

Many business owners understand that there is a different process involved with applying for a loan versus applying for a grant or approaching investors. Nevertheless, most individuals still struggle with their proposals, because they only go half-way through the process. They are willing to fill out the different paperwork associated with each different group, but most entrepreneurs fail to understand how to change up the content in their proposal to target each specific audience.

How Paying a Writer Can Get You Money

While you know that you need better proposals, you still might be on the fence about hiring a writer. Allow me to elaborate on what you get when you hire a writer like me. After you understand the benefits of hiring a writer, you will no doubt see how hiring a writer can get you more money.

Audience Expert

Before I ever start writing a project, I do my best to get into the mindset of my intended audience. Whether that’s a banker, investor, or grant committee, I figure out what they want, what motivates them, and what gets their attention. I also conduct thorough research to make sure I know as much about them as possible. I take all of this into consideration when I write your funding proposals, because I want to make sure your proposals stands out amongst the rest.

Years of Experience Writing Persuasive Copy

Remember that the main goal of funding proposals is to make the audience want to give you their money, so whatever I write has to sell your organization. I know how to present your organization in the best light possible. I can maintain your branding, point out your best features, and identify how additional funding will make your profits skyrocket.

Outsider’s Perspective

I’ve seen it happen too many times – clients are in love with their businesses, and they only see it through rose-colored glasses. That makes my clients passionate, but it doesn’t always make them realistic. Investors and lenders don’t care about how much you love your business. As a third party, I can look at your business the way that investors and lenders would look at it. Instead of poking at the holes, though, it would be my job to redirect the attention of lenders and investors and get them focused on the best parts of your business, making them more likely to give you money.

If the only thing stopping you from getting more money for your business is writing better funding proposals, then why wouldn’t you invest in a skilled writer? After all, if your teeth hurt, you go to a dentist. If you need to remodel a home, you talk to a contractor. We hire professionals because they have years of experience and know exactly what to do to get the job done. That’s why you want to hire me, L. Rigdon, as your funding proposal writer.