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Glittersin: A Fun New Word


During the holidays, glitter gets around faster than Santa!

Of course, glitter isn’t just for the holidays. It stays around all year long, no matter how much you try to wash it out. As a result of all the glitter, I have decided that there should be a word that describes the mess and the madness, and that word is:


What Does It Mean and How Do I Use It in a Sentence?

First of all, glitter in moderation is okay. It adds a dash of sparkle to everything, and in some instances you need a little extra shimmer.

Unfortunately, most people go overboard when it comes to glitter, and by doing so they have stumbled into the territory of glittersin.

In simplest terms, you use the word “glittersin” to describe a person, item, or décor that has gone overboard with glitter. I understand that this glitter assessment is subjective, but as you’ll see from the examples below, there are clear instances of glittersin.

You can throw this new word into any conversation. Here are some examples:

“Did you see that glittersin of a dress over there?”
“Let’s glittersin it up!”
“What sweet glittersin is this?”
“Hello, my little glittersin.”
“Touch me with that glittersin and you will lose an eye!”

As you’ll notice, there is no space between the word “glitter” and “sin.” Combining these two words into one word further underscores the level of atrocity with true glittersins.

Examples of Glittersins from Around the Web


rainbow-glitter-pills.jpgWhen I see this picture, I shudder to think that people are taking pills to poop glitter. Talk about the epitome of going too far! According to this article on Vocativ.com, these pills are meant as a novelty item and are sold through many outlets, predominantly Etsy.com. Besides the novelty, according to this article, even the makers of glitter pills don’t understand exactly why people are buying them. Some people give the pills as humorous gifts, others open the pills and use the glitter for makeup or crafting. All in all, when you could just buy glitter in bottles, this seems excessive and silly. Thus, GLITTERSIN!


edward_sparkling-1A sparkly vampire!?!? Because a humanized monster has to be covered in glitter (?). Is the glitter supposed to make vampires look like gods or something? If anything, the idea of something murderous being shiny is even more evil, since everyone knows that shiny things attract people. In this world of fiction, glittery skin might be an evolutionary thing to attract prey, but in my world of reality – GLITTERSIN!


When I first saw the glitter beard images online and on social media, I had my WTF moment. I thought maybe it was a pro-LGBT statement, which I would totally support. Then I wondered if the pictures had been doctored for the season, because who would be crazy enough to cover their beards in glitter? Apparently these guys: The Gay Beards. As entertaining as their video is, glitter beard = glittersin.

3040931-inline-i-1-glitterEven though the word “glittersin” may not yet be in anyone’s lexicon, the idea of glittersin has been around for a while, as proven by the company that started weaponizing glitter. Dave McGinn, a reporter for The Globe and Mail, discovered that the company that sends your enemies glitter originated in Australia. The person who started the company had to shut down the site due to an excessive amount of orders that could not be filled. The company was sold, and per McGinn’s research, currently there are two companies in Canada providing the glitter bomb service.

Unfortunately, McGinn discovered the expectation of glitter bombing your enemies is fairly different from the reality of sending glitter in the mail.


Yep, that’s it. A mean letter with like maybe a few tablespoons of glitter. Talk about a failed attempt at vengeance!

Can you describe sending glitter to your enemies as a glittersin? As it is not a bomb of glitter and more of a vague inconvenience, I would say no. You could describe the idea of using glitter for vengeance as glittersin, since it is going one step too far with glitter, much like this idea:

glitter revenge