My NEW Book Is Officially OUT

Grift and Shadow is available for purchase NOW!!!!


The pre-order push has been amazing! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book=0)

Now you can officially buy your copy of Grift and Shadow! Plus, and this is new and exciting for me, Grift and Shadow will be my first book available IN PRINT through Amazon.

So whether you like electronic copies or the tactile touch of books, I’ve got you covered!!!

If you want to buy the e-book version, but you need something besides the Kindle format, I HIGHLY recommend buying my book at Smashwords. They have lots of formats available, so whatever you need, they probably have it. Just go to the link below:


If you want to order the book in print, or if you prefer the Kindle format, click on the Amazon link below:



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As an added bonus, newsletter peeps get ALL of the insider information first!

I tell my newsletter peeps BEFORE I even post stuff to social media, because you all are my true fans, and you deserve it!!! In fact, there are some secrets that I ONLY tell to my fans through my newsletter, so if you want to know everything, subscribe today by clicking the link below:




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