How Did Mr. Body Find out about Mr. Green?

(Possible spoilers if you have never seen the movie, so TURN AWAY NOW)

In the movie Clue, the real Mr. Body has all of his sources/accomplices come to the house, presumably to drive his blackmail victims to the point of murder. Therefore, Body planned to use his victims to take out his accomplices for him, keeping his own hands clean. With the final ending in the movie, Mr. Green is revealed as the only person who hasn’t killed anyone, because the source that gave away his secrets was never revealed/invited to the house. The only person Green kills is Mr. Body, under the guise of anger or self-defense.

BIG QUESTIONS: Why didn’t Body invite the source who told him about Green? Why didn’t he invite him to the house to tempt Green to the point of murder?

Regardless of Green’s status as a plant for the feds, Body was blackmailing him under the threat of exposure. Perhaps Green didn’t let his superiors know the full extent of the blackmail, to protect his job, but he still must have brought the investigation to the feds, or he saw the case was already started, and got himself involved to keep his secrets safe.

All that aside, there still seems to be a big hole in the fact that Body did not invite his source/accomplice that gave him the information about Green’s true identity as a homosexual. He invited all his other sources, so why didn’t he invite this one?

Or did he?

The only extra person who arrives at the house who does not die is the traveling missionary. By the time he arrives in the story, almost all of the other murders have occurred, so the cast of characters are unwilling to let him inside in fear that he too may be killed. By the end of the movie, the traveling missionary is identified as another undercover cop, the chief, who takes the lead in arresting the identified murderer(s).


While an undercover sting works for closing the story and punishing the bad guys, I think there’s more here than meets the eye.

If the feds knew about Mr. Body’s blackmailing scheme, they had to somehow get involved in it in a way that would flush Body out without scaring him into hiding. What better way than by giving him a new victim to blackmail?

To do so, the feds come up with a ruse that puts one of their own in a compromised position. Somehow they create a source who feeds the information to Body – the source being the character of the traveling missionary/chief. The source reveals the constructed lies about Green’s sexual orientation and how that could hurt his career. Mr. Body takes the bait and begins to blackmail Green.

As the entire story has been a ruse, Green simply plays the role of the victim while secretly doing what he needs to do to gather evidence against Body. When Mr. Body invites both Green and the traveling missionary/chief to the same event, it tips off the feds that everything is going down in one night. That’s how they’re able to get all of their resources on-site and ready to arrest the guilty parties, as shown in the end of the movie.


It could’ve happened that way, but what about this?

What if Mr. Green and the traveling missionary/chief were actually secret lovers? They both worked on the force together, developed a friendship and a bond, so an office romance is not that surprising. While the secrecy of their relationship could have added to the heat of their passion, hiding their love no doubt became burdensome. Perhaps the two had an argument and separated for a brief amount of time.

During that separation, it’s possible that the traveling missionary/ chief character crossed paths with Mr. Body. That could explain how Mr. Body found out about Green’s secret.

To get from this possible scenario of a romance gone wrong to a full-on investigation that would ultimately expose Mr. Body, I think that Mr. Green and the traveling missionary/ chief character would have had to have made up at some point before the dinner party. They both would have had to have admitted what was going on, that one was being blackmailed, and that the other was the reason for the blackmail.

By doing so, both individuals would have enough information to expose the other, but that would risk self-exposure. Instead, they use their positions in the government to start out a full-on investigation against Body. After all, Mr. Body is definitely a professional blackmailer, so he must have other marks out there. Mr. Green and the traveling missionary/ chief concoct a scenario that allows them to run the investigation while keeping their connection to Mr. Body secret, at least at first.

As things carry on, both Mr. Green and the traveling missionary/ chief have to realize that when they arrest Mr. Body, they will be exposed by whatever evidence Body has gathered and will bring to light in court. Therefore, I believe that these two characters conspired to uncover enough evidence to convict Mr. Body, but never let Mr. Body walk into a courtroom alive.

There are any number of potential scenarios these two could have used to have Body killed before he stood trial. For instance, he could’ve been killed in prison, they could’ve lied about him resisting arrest, or something else completely believable and plausible.

While I’m sure the two never thought that things would go down the way they did at the dinner party, Mr. Green’s action to shoot and kill Mr. Body was not just an act of anger, as portrayed in the film. Before Green shoots Body, Body has a gun on everyone else, but he’s mostly keeping everyone controlled and doesn’t necessarily mean to shoot any of them. Body tells them that he plans on all of them leaving the house one by one, and that he will go on blackmailing them.

Body’s threat to continue the blackmail appears to be the igniting moment that drives Green to murder, but, as I said, I think Green recognized the opportune moment to kill Body and keep his secrets safe. After all, he had five other witnesses to verify that Mr. Body was threatening all of them with a gun, so shooting Body was nothing more than protecting five civilians. Furthermore, Green knew that the evidence against him had been burned, so he knew that nothing would be found on-site to expose his secret. Killing Body solved his problems and ended his investigation with a bang.



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