3rd Collection of Rupt World Stories is FINALLY Available

Rupt World Stories Volume 3: Real Monsters Hide


cover image

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Uncertain About this New Collection?

If you have read the other two volumes of Rupt World Stories, you know that I include three short-ish themed tales. Each story gives you further details about all the aspects of the Rupt World that you need and want to know.

Here is a quick teaser of what stories you will find in this newest volume:

The Eyes

In three weeks, the Rupt Trade Commission will vote about the use of the most powerful element on earth, Shaylumstyne, but until that happens, everyone worldwide and across the parallel planes are fighting to convince people how to vote. One of the loudest nay-sayers, Rameses El-amin, is reaching out to unusual allies to gather support against the use of the element, but, unbeknownst to him, unseen forces are ready to thwart his efforts.

The Eyes, a clandestine organization run secretly by the political group of the Sanction, is following El-amin’s every move. The team of operatives assigned to El-amin is led by Operative Leader (Grigori) and Monitor (Mun-Hee). If this team of operatives and would-be spies succeed, they’ll find out El-amin’s hidden agenda. Things are not as easy as they seem, though, and while Operative Leader and Monitor are in charge of the op, it looks like someone else may be calling the shots.

A Hero’s Plan

Some people become heroes by chance, but other people deliberately take chance out of the equation. Captain George Bertrand, one of the most decorated and honored firefighters in the Rupt World, has spent the past several years secretly orchestrating the most horrific acts of arson. Why? So he could come in and save the day, of course. Receiving the praise and glory for his heroic efforts have just been the icing on the cake. His real plan involves playing the long-con game to finally get his revenge on his wife.

In this story, Bertrand reveals his plans for revenge to the notorious Lord Edmonson, a Dark Shadow Overlord with immense power and political influence throughout the world. While it may seem strange for a heroic firefighter to be having a private conversation with a known criminal mob boss, like everything else in Bertrand’s world, this unusual alliance has been carefully planned out. To get the revenge that Bertrand wants, he needs the one thing that only Lord Edmonson can provide.

Stealing from Both Sides

Standing back-to-back with your partner as you hold your guns out at rival gangs is one thing, but doing so while knowing that those gang members could transform into powerful wolves at any moment ups the stakes exponentially. In this crime drama, follow along with Detective Bianchi and Detective Alvarez as they fight the clock to keep two gangs of Saccor (shapeshifters) from starting a street war that would easily take out half the city of Chicago.

Although the two rival gangs have had skirmishes before, the recent string of kidnappings of gang members from both sides has heated up the turf war like nothing else. With barely any real leads, Bianchi and Alvarez have just over a week to solve nearly a dozen missing person’s cases.

As if that wasn’t enough, Internal Affairs has sent Agent Foxglove, a specialized Telepath, to help out with the case and keep an eye on the detectives. Adding further obstacles to their path, Detective Kournikova, a hot-headed cop with a vendetta against one of the Saccor gangs, keeps getting in the way for reasons unknown.

Negotiating their way around Foxglove and Kournikova proves a delicate dance, especially when Bianchi and Alvarez figure out that a dirty cop might be involved with all the kidnappings. Uncertain of who to trust, and running out of time, Bianchi and Alvarez follow a bizarre trail of leads to find the missing Saccor and unmask the dirty cop. As the detectives go further down the rabbit hole, unexpected alliances provide unusual answers, and both Bianchi and Alvarez will have to face some grim truths.


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