When the Lights Flicker Out

In the movies, we all know that when the lights start to flicker and go out, some seriously spooky stuff is about to happen. But what are you supposed to do when the lights flicker out on you?

I’ve been facing this problem for weeks now.

Let me catch you up on the situation – since November, I have been trying to kick my fitness routine up to 11. Instead of only working out 2-3 times a week, I work out Monday-Friday, every morning, in the super-early hours before the start of my busy morning schedule. None of the gyms nearby me are convenient, and their rates are high, so I’ve decided to use the walking path across from my street as my make-shift gym. In other words, I have no excuses NOT to work out.

Normally, I cross the street, walk around a parking lot, and then walk through a gate to go down the walking path. The parking lot and the gate are part of the elementary school across from me, and the walking path goes through a semi-posh, upper-class neighborhood.

While I’m sure my path is perfectly safe, and while I have walked it numerous times, sometime back in December the lights right by the gate to the walking path began to flicker out.


The first time it happened just as I was walking up to the gate. The light, which probably goes on and off on a timer, flickered and went out.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Now remember, it’s early morning in the winter. The sun has not come up over the hills, so it’s pre-dawn dark. When one light goes out, all the shadows look a billion times more menacing.

So what did I do?

I took it as a sign. I’ve seen way too many movies and read too many books where people ignore stuff like this, and they get horribly murdered. I will not be a statistic!

Instead, I now cross the street, walk around the parking lot to where the gate is, and I pass by the gate to walk back and forth up and down the sidewalk from where the school begins to the end of the property about two blocks away. I still work out for the same amount of time, but instead of the serenely quiet walk through a slumbering neighborhood, I walk back and forth on a busy street with lots of lights.
when-the-lights-flicker-normal-people-me-get-the-saltThe weird thing – the light still flickers, but only when I get close. It doesn’t flicker every morning, so I know it’s not motion sensors. In walking back and forth on my new path, the light sometimes flickers its supernatural warning, as if something or someone wants me to know that dangers still lie in wait.

I accept that it could just be a problem with the wiring. Of course, that is always what they say right before the ax murderer sneaks into your house and kills you.


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