Words on a Feather – BOOK RELEASE SALE!!!!!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! It might be a few months later than my intended release date, but Words on a Feather is up for sale just in time for the holidays.

Click on the this link  to purchase your e-book copy of Words on a Feather.


Words on a Feather is FREE until Friday 11/27!!!

By the way, if you love Words on a Feather, you will no doubt love the Rupt World Stories collection. All of these stories as well as the novel fall within the same fantasy universe of the Rupt world. The first two volumes of Rupt World Stories are available for purchase, and you can click on the links below to go straight to Amazon. Remember, Rupt World Stories Volume 3 will be released in 2016!!!

Rupt World Stories Volume 1: Monsters Are Real
Rupt World Stories Volume 2: Monsters Can Help 

BTW, as part of my BOOK RELEASE PROMOTION, you can also snag these two books for FREE until Friday 11/27!!!

Some Special Shout-Outs and Thanks

First of all, I want to thank my partners and my family for all your love and support. The events of this year have been devastating, but thanks to your encouragement, I was able to achieve my goal of two publications. For that I send you my love and eternal thanks!

Next, I want to send my gratitude out to my wonderful cover artist, Patrick Kelley. For this cover, I had a different artistic direction in mind compared to my previous books. Finding a new cover artist who understood my vision and who could work within my budget/timeline proved a little more difficult than I had anticipated. Luckily, I found Patrick. I was highly impressed by his ability to listen to my ideas and translate those ideas into the exquisite artwork on my cover. I would be happy to work with him again. In fact, I recommend him to anyone looking for an artist! Check out his portfolio here.

I’m also indebted to James Courtney for the lettering and formatting on the cover. James did the cover art on my previous two publications, Rupt World Stories Volumes 1 and 2. The work he produced looks fantastic, and, with any luck he’ll be able to do the cover art for the upcoming Rupt World Stories Volumes 3 and 4. When I realized I wanted a different artistic style for Words on a Feather, I was nervous about telling James, but his phenomenal professionalism appeased all my fears. He totally understood my needs, and he gave me solid advice on how to go about procuring another cover artist. He even volunteered to do the lettering to make sure I could maintain my branding. James – you rock! You can check out James’ photography, illustrations, and other artistic endeavors here on his site.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank my editor, Jonathan Glasscock. Not only has he been my editor for the bulk of my projects, but he has been my sounding board, my cheerleader, and my number one fan. On those dark days when I questioned if all of this chaos was worth it, he was there to remind me why I love what I do. Thank you my partner, my friend, my bard.


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