Mad Blood and True Men: What We Learn from the Shows our Friends Watch

00032896I live in a house of geeks and literary snobs, so our taste in television programs ranges all over the spectrum. Some shows we watch together, but there are several shows that each of us watches individually. Not that we wouldn’t watch each other shows, it’s just a matter of timing and immediate interest.

Right now my housemate has been watching HBO’s True Blood which is a supernatural drama that focuses on mainly vampires who live among humans in a small town in Louisiana, but there are also fairies, werewolves, witches, and many other non-human creatures living with the vamps and humans.

I, on the other hand, have been watching AMCs Mad Men a period drama set in New York during the 1960s that follows the private and professional lives of the men and women who all work in the same advertising agency.

Both of us passively watch each other’s shows, and I think we’ve actually learned a lot from these brief exposures.

Let me be clear that neither I nor my housemate has EVER sat and watched a whole episode of the other’s current program – heck, I don’t think either of us have watched more than five minutes of any one episode – so most of what we have learned from one another’s shows is based purely on quick visuals as we pass by. Each of us also hears the other one making comments at the television – don’t act like you don’t talk to your TV programs! Lastly, on occasion, each of us will rant to the other one about what is going on in our shows. When we rant, we know that the other one doesn’t have enough background information to have a reasonable opinion or counterargument, but we just need to talk about the show with someone, so each of us plays the part of sounding board.

True-BloodPassive Viewing: What I Have Learned about True Blood

  • They have sex.
  • Jason is hot, but dumb as a box of bricks.
  • Vampires’ decorating style resembles a mixture of over-the-top gaudy macabre and industrial cement with splashes of modern security equipment all over the place.bill_in_his_officecamilla3
  • Werewolves CONSTANTLY have an ongoing pissing contest to see whose is bigger.
  • Every third or fourth scene is a sex scene.
  • Your blood is my drug! Vampire blood, also known as “V,” is being distributed like drugs to humans. Vampires get to trip-out on fairy blood, which apparently smells like honey.
  • Dead vampires turn into goo. Dead fairies turn into dust.
  • Sooki rocks for pointing out the BS double standard of men wanting two women at the same time, but heaven forbid if a woman wants two men!!! Too bad it was only a dream, but take what you can get.sookie 3 way
  • Wow! I think the unspoken side effect of being a supernatural creature is nymphomania. Good gods these people have a lot of sex!
  • If you have toddlers awake in the next room, you have to watch the show with the closed captioning on, because every other word is an expletive.
  • Sookie (Anna Paquin) always looks surprised or freaked out.
  • TrueBloodEMKI think all the sexy, shirtless men must live in Louisiana, or so the show would make me believe.
  • Sex scenes every five minutes, and so far I have only seen ONE pregnancy involved in the storyline – someone has got to be slipping birth control into the water supply!
  • Shifters can turn into anything, but if they turn into another person it hurts/kills them – convenient!!!
  • Witches are bad-ass and kind of crazy.
  • Lilith Cult storyline –WHOA!
  • Oh, did I mention they have sex in True Blood?

mm_end_frame-0-1280-0-1024Passive Viewing: What I Think My Friend Has Learned about Mad Men

  • Don can’t keep it in his pants!
  • Jon Hamm– does it get any sexier?
  • Subliminal and not so subliminal BDSM – the 60s were a strange time.
  • Keep on getting sassy, Peggy!mad-men-s5-1
  • People must have been slightly ambidextrous in the 60s, because while one hand is working, the other hand is constantly holding a cigarette or a glass of alcohol.
  • Pete Campbell – what a schmuck!!!
  • Another woman, Don? Really?!
  • Christina Hendricks – shiny since Firefly and still rockin’ it.WK-AQ710_COVER__G_20090804155607
  • Seiously, Don, WTF, man!!!

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