Controlling Sex: Purity or Propaganda

 SEX — — the very word immediately grabs people’s attention. So why is it such a taboo subject?

In today’s supposedly modern society, sex has become something so ghastly that we would rather watch movies like Saw and Hellraiser than allow ourselves to watch people having sex.

Sexuality has been banned from the public eye. All adult literature and entertainment is cloistered away in buildings with blacked-out windows. Fetish enthusiasts must live their lifestyles behind closed doors. Even excessive kissing is treated with disgust. 

Our society treats sex in this fashion because we have been religiously and socially trained to do so; in other words, we are being controlled with anti-sex propaganda. 

Think about it — — how do you control a large amount of people? Fear works, just ask any dictator. But fear only lasts so long. Bribery can go a long way, but eventually people will try to take advantage of your good nature.[1] No. To control a large group of people you must control their basic needs.

Humans need food, shelter, social interaction, and sex. Deprive us of any one of these and we will die, suffer, or revolt. Controlling how these needs are socially interpreted will in turn control how the masses act and respond to daily life.

Each method of control is utilized to avoid problems. In other words, if you want to control the people of the country, you have to use various tools of control to solve particular social problems and ills that threaten your power.

Of all the power structures that aim to control people, religion has been among the strongest. Nearly every culture has its own religion or mysticism, and the rules involved in those practices bleed into every aspect of personal and social interaction.

Specifically using religion to control sex keeps the church in power by solving the following problems:

  • First, religion can’t exist without followers. Once you have one person devoted to your faith, you will most likely have them for the rest of their life. After they die, however, you lose a parishioner. Therefore, by emphasizing sex as a means to ONLY procreate, you have just started a continuous cycle of new followers with every baby that is born.
  • Second, religious organizations require money. No matter how much any religion swears off worldly possessions, it takes money to build places of worship and feed your people. Therefore you need your followers to continually work and earn an income; a portion of that income will then be turned over to the church.
  •  How do parishioners working tie in with controlling sex? First of all, keeping your followers away from thoughts of self-indulgence, like sex, gives them more time to work. Telling them that it is sinful to continually think of sex by phrases like, “Idol hands are the devil’s playthings,” further enforces this ideology. Also, curbing any money spent on prostitution or other forms of sexual gratification means potentially more money that will be “given” to the church.

Not only do religions use anti-sexual propaganda to guarantee control over their followers, but society and governments use this style of propaganda to overcome obstacles as well.

Western society has put propaganda models into place to control sexual norms for both racist and sexist reasons.

Elitist who are in power creates social rules to further their version of “a perfect world.” Many groups throughout history, and even some still existing in the 21st century, believe that blending races (ethnicities) will create defective human beings. Obviously this is racist garbage, but this fear form of propaganda is an effective tool nonetheless. If you already have disenfranchised minorities who can’t read or express themselves as well as the majority, it is much easier to supposedly prove that they are lesser beings. After psychologically belittling them, the only foreseeable obstacle would be if members of the majority ignored your racist propaganda and began seeing members of minorities as equals.

Solution to maintain control: Make sex with members of different races socially unacceptable.

This terrible solution not only kept minorities in a subordinate position, but it further soiled sex as a concept. For example, two white people could marry and have sexual relations that were viewed as procreation and holy. In comparison, two people of different races were not permitted to marry, so any sexual relations they had were considered fornication and vulgar debauchery.

But social control does not stop at racism. Controlling sex also involves controlling women.

Throughout most of history, pleasure and enjoyment of sex has always come with a double standard. Men are encouraged to take dominion over women, and sow their seed with whomever they choose. Women must remain virginal and true to only one man.

There are several reasons behind society’s propaganda of the virginal bride and the faithful wife. 

For one thing, property inheritance was meant to go to the direct next of kin. Whoever a man had sex with besides his wife didn’t matter because he himself could not become pregnant, ergo no real proof (especially before paternity tests). The proof of a woman’s adultery always showed up nine months after the initial act. A woman  commiting  adultry was severely punished, sometimes killed. Note that the woman is punished, where as the man who had sex with her would most likely walk away unscathed.

Furthermore, allowing women sexual freedom would take her away from domestic duties. The household, above all else, had to be maintained while men worked and brought an income into the home. Promiscuity and multiple partners could make a woman responsible for several homes and several sets of children, according to propaganda. Instead, society has found it simpler to make virginity and fidelity the defining traits of a “good” woman, and ergo has chastised women who are strong and domineering inside or out of the bedroom.

As long as sex is a need for humans, it will be used as a tool to control our actions. If we as people can recognize when we are being controlled, it is possible that we can stop those in power from using our needs against us. Remember that control and propaganda only works if we allow it do so. The moment we stop following the people in power is the moment we knock them off their pedestals and take control of our own lives.


[1] Machiavelli’s theories about power and control from The Prince.


5 thoughts on “Controlling Sex: Purity or Propaganda

  1. are you a atheist who’s only belief is a freedom that would lead us into total anarchy? Even freedom has a price, how are you paying for yours? Although I views differed I did enjoyed reading your blog…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog=0)

      As to your questions – No, I’m not an atheist. I believe everyone has the right to believe in something spiritual, and I too have my own personal beliefs. My problem with religion isn’t faith in God(s). My problem is when church authorities misuse their power. The old adage of “power corrupts, and total power corrupts totally,” applies far too often in organized faiths.

      Anarchy, in my opinion, is impossible. The very idea is based around our fear of the unknown. By our very nature as primates, we will create a system of order and power–it’s inevitable and part of our survivor mentality. Multiple groups fighting each other for total power may seem chaotic up-close, but it is never true anarchy. Madness usually has a method; it’s all about seeing the pattern.

      Freedom definitely has a price — and I believe in fighting for freedom. My belief includes fighting for personal freedom and breaking away from the manipulative controls of people using their power irresponsibly.

      Everyone has the right to fight for personal freedom, but supporting freedom means you support other peoples’ rights to it. It’s a very narrow line between supporting freedom and denying others the same liberty.


  2. Intelligence is sexy…. your reply to my own was well thought out and seems like a way of life for you. I’ll be checking your blogs from time to time hoping that the bar you set is still rising.

    1. I know the way I live my life is not commonly accepted or practiced — but it’s my life to live, so I do what I can. Thank you for your compliments once again, and I hope that my blogs will continually bring you amusement.

      I’ve looked at your blog site, and I find your insight edgy and comedic. I’ve performed a great deal of academic research into gender and sexuality, including aspects of males being labeled under an orientation due to social stigma. I’m curious to see where your thoughts will travel on the subject. Likewise, the other political topics you’ve brought up for discussion will be interesting to watch unfold on your site.

      Best wishes,
      -L. Rigdon

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