Can’t wait for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

The theatrical release for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (HP6) is only days away, and fans are chomping at the bit.

Some fans and skeptics have speculated that HP6 won’t have as big a following on its opening week due to how fans felt about the last movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (HP5). Most of the biggest complaints about HP5 dealt with how much of the story from the book was completely nixed from the movie. Many HP supporters are worried that HP6 could result in a similar disappointment.

Devoted HP followers are hoping that moviemakers realized their mistakes from HP5. Since there was such a delay in making and releasing HP6, supporters hope that the result will be a fantastic cinematic experience sure to appease book and movie fans alike. Plus, since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, (HP7), will be split into two separate movies, it’s a good sign that moviemakers are trying to fit in as much storyline as they can to stay true to the novels.

While hopes for better versions of HP6 and HP7 are all well and good, the anticipation for the release of HP6 on Wednesday is driving fans crazy. For those impatient fans, or for those just wanting to join in on the HP fandom, here are some fun and easy ways to get out your stress as we count down to the official release.

1) Harry Potter Marathon: Sit down with all your fellow HP fans and watch movies 1-5.

2) Costume Central: As a method of preparation BEFORE Wednesday, take your group of moviegoers and find low-price costume pieces to dress-up as your favorite character. Remember that secondhand stores are great for a tight budget.

3) Games: Either with HP games you already have, or free ones online, live, breathe, and play everything that is Harry Potter. Something to look for — Hasbro has a version of Clue that is completely based around the Harry Potter world.

4) Speed Read: While it would be impressive to read all seven books during the next two days, it is not highly likely to happen. Instead, read either book 5 or 6.

5) Trivial Time Killers: Fill out every quiz and answer every question about the Harry Potter world. Test your friends and find out who’s the most fanatical fan.

 If you have suggestions or stories about how you survived your HP6 anxiety, comment below and share with the rest of us.


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