Getting on track and being your own cheerleader

How do you keep on track with keeping your resolutions this year? There are several ways to accomplish your goals, but it all comes down to you keeping yourself going.


In other words, when you made your resolutions you did so because you wanted a change in your life. Whether it’s to lose weight, get healthy, learn a new language, or stop smoking, you made a conscious choice on how you want to better yourself. Therefore, you need to be your very own cheerleader.


Before you go out and buy yourself a set of pom-poms, here are a few roadblocks to look out for and some solution detours for improving your ability to be your own motivating task force:


Roadblock #1: Listen to the voices in your head:

No matter how crazy it sounds, all of us have voices constantly talking in our heads. These voices are analyzing problems, making decisions, and telling our bodies what to do or say. Sometimes, however, we let our inside voices get abusive. How many times a day does one of your inside voices call you stupid, dumb, or idiotic? Maybe you’re inside voice likes to torment you on what you said to a particular person, and what you should have said to that person. Psychologists call this “negative self talk,” and it is a big contributor to ruining your chances of being successful with your goals and resolutions.


Solution Detour: Bypassing negative self talk does not happen overnight, and it will take time to recognize the problem before you can correct it. Once you recognize that you are allowing yourself to be bullied by this inside voice, you should:


·     Give yourself a positive for every negative: When your inside voice points out something you did as a negative, tell yourself something that you did that was positive.

·     Bully back your bully: If your inside voice calls you stupid, heavy, ugly, etc., tell your voice that he or she is wrong, and why they are wrong. At first this may sound silly, but the more you combat your negative inside voice, the more power you will have over him or her instead of vice versa.

·     Beat your bully to the punch: For everything that you do, give yourself constructive praise. Tell yourself how well you handled the situation, how nice you looked, or how much effort you put into the project. Immediately telling yourself these positive phrases will take away from your negative inside voice’s power of abusing your self-confidence.

Roadblock #2: Slowing down or falling behind:

As the days pass by into the new year, and as everyone recovers from the holiday rush, life tends to come back and hit us at full speed. Our lives become hectic with new projects, social commitments, and family obligations. In the chaos that is everyday life, we may slow down with carrying out our New Year’s resolutions, and in many cases fall behind so much that it seems we will never be able to accomplish our goals.


Solution Detour: No matter what day it is or what time of year it is, life will carry on whether we like it or not. Many people make resolutions and goals with the mindset of 100% or bust. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to give every project and task 100%, so flexibility is a necessary component that most people neglect. In an effort to be flexible and keep on track, you may want to try the following:


·     Avoid self-destruction: First of all, realize how busy you are in your day-to-day life and then figure out how much time you actually have to work on self-improvement. If there is only time to accomplish three resolutions throughout the entire year, then don’t overload yourself with 30 resolutions. Some people believe that they are motivated because they take on so many projects, but then they never complete any of them. Focus on the quality of what you can reasonably accomplish, and not the quantity of tasks you can weigh yourself down with.

·     Posting your goals and resolutions: In our busy lives, we tend to only deal with the problems that we can see. Therefore, we work better with reminders that we can see every day. Find a place in your home and/or at your work where you can post a list of your goals and resolutions for the year. Be precise with this list by stating where you currently are in your life and where you want to be through accomplishing your goals. You may wish to include steps that you will need to take to accomplish these goals, and possibly assign deadlines to each of the steps to keep yourself motivated. Ultimately, nothing feels better than being able to cross off one of your goals or resolutions upon completion.

·     Give yourself some slack: Even if you can keep yourself motivated throughout the year, you can’t control what life is going to throw at you. Try to accept that you are going to be working on these goals and resolutions throughout the entire year, and that you may have some moments when you struggle more than others. Don’t let the bad times discourage you, and instead use those times as motivation to get back on track.


Changing your habits is a long and difficult process, but the results are worth it to live a better life. Learning to develop your self-confidence will help you on the path of self-improvement. Become your own cheerleader and find new and innovative ways to positively promote the changes you wish to make in your life.



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