The night before elections. . .

The night before elections

and all through the states,

every phone was ringing

with pre-recorded audiotapes.


The people of this country are out of work, but who cares?

What hopes can politicians give for unemployed people everywhere?


For the past few weeks, most Americans have been bombarded by political pre-recorded messages. True, it’s far cheaper to have one person record political propaganda that can be replayed any time, anywhere, but what does that say about the candidate’s view on unemployment?


Even in a recession political parties manage to monetarily support their candidates, and most candidates have other means of financial support as well. I find it rather disheartening to see a politician at some rally claiming to support different methods of promoting the creation of more jobs in this country, and then five minutes later receiving a prerecorded message supporting the candidate. Talk about mixed messages!


Although political parties may not be able to afford a large staff of political telemarketers, there are other avenues they could explore that would promote putting the American people to work.


For instance, utilizing college students for performing these phone calls and other political campaigning projects would be a step in the right direction. Creating political internships gives college students an excellent form of training, and encourages young adults to become politically aware. On top of that, it’s a fairly cost-effective method of increasing PR by supporting education and helping to institute a healthy work ethic.


Some politicians already use college interns for their campaigns, and my hat is off to them. I wish organizations supporting various propositions would also do the same, but I understand how those organizations tend to be severely under funded and run by volunteers who have little time as it is.


Beyond interns, political parties should be hiring a certain amount of paid staff to perform such tasks as cold calling citizens. Yes, it can be costly, but it demonstrates how supportive a politician is of doing everything he or she can to help the country recover and get out of this recession.


Perhaps I’m thinking too socially and not economically, but politicians and political parties need to take careful note of how what they do may be contradicting to what they say. Whatever a political spokesperson claims needs to be legitimately backed up by the actions he or she takes.


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