Somewhat useless superhero abilities. . . or are they?

With the hit show Heroes and the recent slew of superhero movies, the idea of having superhuman powers is quite alluring.


Movies and shows like that tend to show fairly useful or overtly destructive abilities. Granted, those types of abilities make for a more interesting plot line. Nevertheless, with the exception of possibly Sky High and The Legion of Superheroes, we as the audience are rarely previewed to the superpowers that don’t quite make the cut.


So I’ve been thinking, which superhuman ability would I want that would not be useful for fighting crime, but may have other interesting applications?


My first thought is fairly OCD and selfish, but as a writer it would be really useful.


OK — here’s the scenario:


There you are, sitting in your office working on your current assignment(s). Surrounding you are papers and print-outs scattered about, Post-it notes everywhere, stacked up and opened books, and a mishmash of everything else related and not related to your office lifestyle. True, you could take the extensive amount of time to thoroughly go through everything and create a fantastic organizational system — which most writers do not have and would/could not do—or, you could have the following special ability.


Within your direct proximity and in your direct line of sight, your eyes could scan over everything in front of you, categorize what everything is and where it should be, and with a simple blink you could put everything in its proper place. All of this would be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Remember, there would most likely be limitations on what you could do with this ability. For instance, you probably couldn’t move anything further than a certain distance from your current location. Also, there’d probably be a limit to how many items or how heavy/dense of items you could move. Even with limitations, it would be a time-saving and rather unique ability.


It could even bring in some extra cash. Think about it:


You take the time to research different methods of organization for different scenarios. Next, you put yourself out there as an organizational consultant. Going to a location to meet with a client, you have them explain what everything is and what preferred method of organization they would desire, and then have them leave for an extended period of time. Within minutes you would have their entire cluttered excuse of an office turned into a well organized and maintained environment. In turn, you charge them a nominal fee for what they believe probably took you hours to do. Plus, in our current market where diversification keeps businesses afloat, you could expand your business to be both an organizational consulting firm and a moving company. Granted, you may have to hire a few people to move items that are larger than your ability can deal with, but for the most part you’d be raking in the cash. Noteàit’s not unethical if you charge a similar fee for someone providing the same service done the long and “normal” way.


This is just one simple idea for a superhero ability that might not be as well acknowledged as other more flashy and destructive abilities. What not-so-super super power would you want and why?


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