Finding Freelance Writing Jobs to Query


A freelancer’s duties consist of two main tasks — finding work and completing assignments. Believe it or not, it is by far easier to complete an assignment that it is to find a job in the first place.


            Finding work is a job in and of itself for freelancers. When you’re trying to balance current assignments, a day job (if you have one), and your family/social commitments, adding the extra task of finding more work can seem rather frustrating at times. Frustrating or not, it’s an important part of becoming and remaining a successful freelancer.


            There are plenty of places online to find listings for freelance work. Time constraints for freelancers tend to be a major issue, and none of us can afford to waste any time on web sites that are useless when it comes to finding that next paying gig. So which sites should a freelancer really spend his or her time on?


            First of all, I prefer sites that update their job listings every day. Also, I find it beneficial to myself to navigate to those job listings sites that actually review the legitimacy of those who are posting jobs. Lastly, sites that are really worth my time should not only have listings of jobs, but should also have posts and blogs written by real freelancers that give tips of the trade, explore writing strategies, and make you realize what large communities of freelancers are out there for you to become friends and colleagues with.


            Here are some sites I have found work really well for me:


      This site categorizes the different sub-jobs to freelance writing in a simple but well constructed format. The links to each category are easy to access, and the listings are kept up-to-date fairly well.


      I personally enjoy this particular web site because not only does it have a good listing of jobs posted every day, but it’s a really good community to be a part of as a freelancer.


        I found this web site through Freelance Writing Gigs, listed above, and I think it’s a worthwhile place to find writing jobs. There’s also some good resource information on this site for freelance writers.



            As I have stated, there are plenty of web sites out there that claim to help freelancers find work. Sites that charge freelancers money, however, I am wary of. While I’m sure that many freelancers have become members of these sites and have probably found work, I can not justify paying an extra $3-40 a month just to be a member of a job listing site. On top of that, a lot of freelancers tend to work part-time for extra money, so paying a web site that doesn’t guarantee a paying job seems rather ridiculous. These sites can be teasers as well, as they allow anyone to look at the job listings, but only allow their members to post a bid.  


Finding writing work is difficult, but knowing where to go and where to avoid can really help in the long run. Utilizing your time on sites that are worth your while is the best way to spend what little time you have on finding that next job.


1 thought on “Finding Freelance Writing Jobs to Query

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